An H-lB non-immigrant visa classification is only granted to those individuals who want to be admitted into the United States to seek employment in a specialty occupation, occupy a role as a Department of Defense {DOD) researcher or worker, or render their services as a fashion model who is well-known in the business.
Eligibility Criteria
Stated below is a detailed breakdown of the eligibility criteria based on the employment and occupational status of the individual applying for an H-lB status:

1. Specialty Occupation (H-1B):

– Have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a specialty occupation from an accredited U.S. university,

– Holds a foreign degree equivalent of Bachelor’s degree or higher in the specialty occupation,

– Possess a legal license or any other document which allows you to engage in or practice of a specialty occupation,

– Have undertaken extensive education and training to practice the specialty occupation.

2. DOD Development Project Worker and Researcher (H-1B2)

– Same conditions as above

3. Fashion Model (H-183):

– The person must be a well-known fashion model having distinguishable awards.

Qualification Criteria

For an individual to qualify for any H-18 visa status, there are certain factors which they have to fulfill in order to qualify. As in the case of the eligibility criteria, these also vary according to type of employment and occupational status, which are stated below:

1. Specialty Occupation (H-1B):

– The minimum entry requirement warrants the person to possess a Bachelor’s degree at least,

– The nature of the job is so complex that it can only be done by a person who has earned a degree,

– The job requires an individual to assume certain roles and responsibilities whose knowledge can only be acquired by earning at least a Bachelor’s degree.